Law For Marriage Equality

More and more countries are taking a step towards marriage equality, although there is still a long way to go, and there are nations that are far from accepting homosexuality usually. Within the USA-speaking countries, a pioneer in the acceptance of marriage between people of the same sex. The law that allows any individual to legalize their emotional bond was approved in 2005 and entailed the recognition of the rest of the rights that until then had been denied to homosexual couples.

For almost a decade, any USA citizen can marry, adopt children, be recognized as a relative of their partner in a hospital, include it in their inheritance and collect their pension, regardless of their sexuality. It is worth mentioning that the arrival of this law on USA soil did not take place in absolute harmony; As is often the case, the minority that voted against the measure did not feel like celebrating its approval, and many decided to express their dissatisfaction through public demonstrations. Honoring its predictable nature and its lack of love for humanity, the Catholic Church was opposed to this advance, claiming that it violated the sanctity of marriage, a pretext on which detractors have supported in recent years.

Regarding the conflict that usually provokes the word marriage when talking about the bond between two people of the same sex, in many countries there is the so-called civil union, which in practice is equivalent to marriage, but strategically prevents that term is mentioned, for joy of the same two or three who cling uselessly to the past, causing death and suffering with their indifference and selfishness, sitting on the comfortable sofa on which their ancestors sat, and on which they will chew their last laments. Ironically, only a handful of these nations have approved civil unions for non homosexual couples.

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